Ghost (Garden) Story

There is a sort of ghost town in my area. It was a large farm area in the early to mid part of the last century. The buildings have all been taken down now and the land is used as an animal sanctuary.

I was wandering around in there in the early part of April and I noticed some daffodils blooming. Nearby, I found some daylilies coming up in the middle of a grassy area. I realized that these perennials were from someone's long-abandoned garden.

I went back the other day, to see what else I might be able to discover and was quite pleased to find the perennials that are photographed below. All of them were just growing 'wild', in the grass, on rocky ledges, and in the case of the dianthus, just growing next to the road and into the gravel shoulder. You would never know where a garden had been.

Isn't it an amazing how incredibly tough these little plants are? I've already transplanted some of the dianthus to my own garden, where I will give it some tender loving care. I will transplant a bit of the other things as well.

I like to think that the gardener who planted these would like that.

What I have photographed, so far, from the top down is:

Dianthus (rockery pinks)
Chives ('Gone Wild')


  1. What an interesting story. I think the former gardener would be very happy these plants were getting some TLC! Makes me wonder about my garden many years from now ... mmm ...

  2. Diane, Roadsides in New England are full of flowers that started out as someone's garden plants but then escaped from the garden and naturalized. Many are listed in wildflower guides. Among my favorites are the lupine now in bloom on hillsides and in roadside meadows all over Maine and the species tawny daylilies (Hemerocallis fulva) that will follow soon. -Jean

  3. Oh how cool - a garden ghost town! Wouldn't it be amazing to see actual pictures of the way it used to look?


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