See you in the Spring!

Well, it is officially winter and my garden beds are insulated in a blanket of snow.   I'm going to work on some improvements for my blog over the winter.  Any suggestions would be most welcome.I look forward to documenting my garden's progress in 2011 and will start up again as soon as I see the first sign of spring. 

I'm going to end my 2010 portion of the blog, with what I have on the front of a t-shirt!  Lots of good advice can come from reading t-shirts, right? 

                         ADVICE FROM A GARDEN                          

Cultivate lasting friendships.
Sow seeds of kindness.
Listen to sage advice.
Don't let the little things bug you.
Be outstanding in your field.
Take thyme for yourself.
No vining!


  1. Dear Diane, Sage t-shirt-advice, indeed. Have a lovely holiday season, and I look forward to seeing you in the spring. Pamela x

  2. So glad you mentioned this in your annual Christmas letter. Love the look of your garden. I remember seeing your yard just after you moved in & all your plans. You have done a wonderful job on your gardens.

    Hope to see you guys in the New Year...somewhere on the road.

    Pam (it says anonymous, 'cause there is no category of 'friend')

  3. Hi Diane,
    Thanks for your comment on my critters post. I keep seeing the female cardinal on the feeder, but it flies off before I can pick up my camera. I am enjoying seeing the birds on it, even if I can't always get a good photo. I didn't know we are on the northern part of the range for cardinals. I wonder if that's why I don't see the huge numbers of them that I've seen in other bloggers' photos.

    Our weather has been colder than normal, but with a few warmer days here and there. I am so ready for the weather to stay warm! I imagine you are too.

    Oh, and I like the look of your blog as it is.


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