Kew Gardens, London, England

Today, I'm doing something new. I don't usually post about anything other than my own garden, but my blogging friend, Beth, is doing a fun travel theme party called Travels Near and Far, at her blog Beyond the Garden Gate

In 2008, my best friend and I went to England.  We had a wonderful time wandering around the streets of London, visiting historic places, browsing through fancy stores and museums. And gardens, of course!

For today's post I thought I'd show some photos from Kew Gardens, the Royal Botanical Gardens in London.

The Nosegay Garden
I could never explain what a nosegay garden is as well as
the following sign.  I hope it's not too small to read.
the Formal Garden
As I understand it, these very structured gardens
were meant to look especially lovely, when viewed
from an upper window.
a pretty water feature
the Rose Arbour
I loved it here.
a better look at the roses climbing
on the arbour

Below is a photo of a lovely cottage which is on the Kew Gardens grounds.  It was built for the royal family, in the 1700s.   It was used for the family of Queen Charlotte for things like picnics.  You can't go into the inside, but there are pictures and more information on the website here:  Cottage

I was really sorry to have just missed English Bluebell season - I could see the spent blooms just positively everywhere around this beautiful cottage. 

Queen Charlotte's Cottage
 Check out Beth's post Travels Near and Far out when you have a chance.  She has wonderful pictures of a trip to New York City in today's post. 

Happy Gardening, everyone. 


  1. I loved this look at England! My Travels Near and Far post was also about a trip to England.

  2. Diane, The rose arbour is just amazing, and I love the formal garden too. I enjoyed reading about the nosegay garden too; how unique. I am so happy you had the opportunity to go to England and visit/share the wonderful Kew Garden! Thanks for linking up, Diane.
    Blessings, Beth

  3. Diane your first picture peering out from the arbour is marvellous! I completed a placement here last spring. So many plants and beautiful areas, an incredible place! You must return and call in at Hidcote on the way back.


  4. What neat photos! I bet that was an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing! Mindy

  5. Hi Diane,
    That sounds like a wonderful vacation. I think it would be fun to see formal gardens like that, but I wouldn't want to try to have one like them. Thanks for sharing the trip with us, and thanks for your nice comment on my GBBD post. It was the first one.

  6. Lovely neat gardens - you haven't lived till you have been in a bluebell wood - it takes your breath away, the colour, the smell - it makes me go all a-tremble.

  7. Oh wow, how inspiring! Looks like a wonderful visit, this one is going on my list of 'must visits'. I am sharing these on twitter.

  8. Hi Diane
    You must be north of me as we're zone 5a (just south of Barrie).
    I enjoyed the photos of Kew, amazing gardens. The owner of one of our local family owned nurseries trained there and is proud of it. :-)
    If you're interested in travelling, come for a visit and read about the river boat cruise to Holland and Belgium I've been asked to host.
    The weather sure feels like autumn already.

  9. Diane, I did not know what a nosegay was, either, but my daughter requested one for prom, last spring. The florist says they are making a big comeback!
    Thank you for the tour to London. I know you must've loved that trip with your friend!

  10. A great place to visit. There is a wonderful tree top walk there now too.

  11. Diane, I'm using some of my lunch hour today to get caught up on some of my favorite blogs. I love Kew Gardens. Some of your photos were of places I don't remember, but the rose arbor was instantly familiar (I think I have some photos of it, too). Thanks for the virtual trip back to one of my favorite places in the world. -Jean

  12. i haven't to Kew for about 20 years so I appreciate the look back. Nice shot of the rose arbor.

  13. I Loved Kew garden - I have not been back since the 80's! but the memories are certainly coming back with your wonderful photos!


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