Late Season - Full Glory

August 29, 2014

Usually the 'full glory' time would be a little earlier than now, but maybe only a week or two.   The most colourful time in my garden has always been the late summer.  That's when the perennial phlox come out, the rudbeckia and coneflowers are still out and a few daylilies are hanging on.

Here are some pictures taken over the last few days.  

taken from the border around the 'future firepit' with the back border in the background
part of the back border - perennial phlox, white coneflower, rudbeckia, 
perennial lobelia with pink phlox in the background
purple coneflower 'Ruby Star'  
perennial phlox 'Bright Eyes'
rudbeckia 'Goldstrum' 
back of the hacienda
Have a wonderful long weekend, everyone!


  1. Magnificent best month in the garden is November...right at the end of Spring. Your house looks spookily like my mums house

  2. It really is glorious!!!!!! Such a lot of hard work I am sure, but totally worth it and totally beautiful. xx

  3. I just want to say that your garden is beautiful! All of the bursts of colors are gorgeous!!! It makes me want to chop down our big tree that shades my garden so that I can add more color like you!!! My goodness! I am completely inspired friend! Wishing you a wonderful weekend....enjoy soaking all of this in!!! Nicole xoxo

  4. I have to say your gardens are looking fantastic. For you prime garden time, for me things are starting to go downhill but still satisfactory at this point.

  5. Your garden does look great. I love the combo of phlox and coneflowers.

  6. Oh what colour! love the coneflower close up! Lots of hard work in the garden paid off!

  7. Such a lot of colour still - I wish you could come over and work your magic on my garden.

  8. Diane, Your borders are fantastic! So colorful!

  9. Hope you had a nice long weekend! Your garden looks great Diane. Those big clumps of
    phlox really put on a nice show.

  10. Wow, Diane. You do have loads of wonderful colour still! I rather like the look of the house too. Want to trade? :)


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