...And the Rest of the Daylilies

August 20 - So, I've been really absent from my blog. Summer got really busy, so I am very much behind in blogging about what's going on it the garden.

These are the rest of the daylilies. The bloom on the last one has faded. I actually divided the ivory one (that's shown directly below) and it was the first time I divided daylilies. I gave half of it to my friend, Rita, who has given me most of the plants I have - but she didn't have this particular variety.

Sharing is the nicest way to get new plants, don't you think?

This is a very special daylily, that I transplated out of my Aunt's garden last fall.  I didn't measure it, but I believe the flower was a medium size.  Not quite as big as the 'Catherine Woodbury', but bigger than 'Pandora's Box.'   It's a stunning ivory colour.

The small and lovely 'Stella d'Oro' daylily.   A bright and goldy yellow. 

The name of this large daylily is not known to me, but it has a  dark burgandy flower with a yellow throat.


  1. Welcome bak to blogging. Your daylilies are lovely. I especially like the mystery bloom that you show last.

  2. Diane, I love that ivory daylily. It bears a strong resemblance to one I have called Mae Graham, but Mae Graham is a clear pink. I wouldn't be surprised if they were siblings, or at least cousins. -Jean

  3. Hello Diane

    You left a message on my blog a while ago now and I'm only just replying as I didn't see it until today! You certainly have the right idea having your comments approved first!

    Your lily's are beautiful.

    I hope you are still blogging as I will be back again.



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