The Daylilies are Here!

July 14 - I am in my glory at this time of the year. Each morning (and let's be honest, every noon and night), I walk around my garden, deadheading, seeing what needs staking, but  most importantly looking for what has come out in bloom since the last time I checked. Everything seems to be all coming out at once. The last few days have seen the appearance of seven different daylilies.

All except the two orange ones were gifts from Rita's garden. 

These are my 'Catherine Woodbury' daylilies.   I'm not really sure what to call this colour.   I've seen it described as 'salmon' but it's almost a mauvey-pink, with lovely yellow in the centre.  The flowers are quite large at 5 1/2 inches across.

'Missouri Beauty' daylilies.  These are also really large flowers and a lemon yellow colour.  I love the way the flowers only live a day, but there are always new ones to take their place.   The lovely flowers are also about 5 1/2 inches across. 

These are my two orange daylilies.  They are slightly different.  Some people call these 'ditch lilies', I guess because you see them everywhere - including seemingly growing wild.

I once read that they fell off the wagons of pioneers and grew where they fell.   The bottom one, which I call my 'Cottage Lily' because it came from my family cottage, I'm growing in a pot on our deck.  It looks great there and I will bury it, pot and all, in the compost pile for the winter. 

This is the other large-flowered daylily I have in bloom right now.  The name is unknown to me.  I'm not sure the photo does the colour of it justice - but it's very much a golden yellow, with a burgandy throat.  They are quite striking en masse!

These two are my little daylilies, about 2 1/2 inches across.  Again, I don't know the name of the red one, but the cream one with burgandy centre is the darling 'Pandora's Box'.  It is just the sweetest little thing.  I adore it. 


  1. Hi Diane - All of your lilies are so pretty! I really enjoyed your post. I have two measly daylily varieties in my yard and really need to include more, especially some of the red and pink, so for now I will live through you. Between the high heat/humidity, working all day and coming home to a houseful of teens on a daily basis, I just haven't had the energy for my gardens the past week so I truly enjoyed your daylily tour! :-)

  2. Thanks Tracy. That's nice of you to say!

  3. My daylilies are a couple of weeks ahead of yours, Diane, but I have the same reaction to them. As I walk around the garden each morning deadheading, I am also seeing what has just begun to bloom and counting flower scapes. I'm just at that tipping point, where you start to count how many buds are left on your favorites. I always find daylily season bittersweet. -Jean


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