Backyard Border

June 30 - This is my backyard border taken from our deck.  This is the same border shown in my blog's header.   It's difficult to photograph from the front with my camera.  The border backs onto the creekbank so you are looking at lots of trees behind in.  Sometimes I entertain the idea that it would look really nice if the border had a bit of a decorative fence behind it (white picket or split rail cedar). 

There are buds on almost all the daylilies now and they will be the next thing to pop.  Right now, some of what's blooming:

From front to back:  Dwarf Shasta Daisies, Evening Primrose, Lynchnis, Perennial Sage and Monkshood.

And what I call 'Dad's Sweet Williams'.  These are from seeds my Dad collected for me from his garden, before he and my Mom moved into a condominium apartment.  They smell wonderful and are very special to me.   I think next year I will let them to a bit more wild in the empty spaces between the perennials.  They seed themselves quite profusely, but are very easy to transplant from one place to the next in the garden or into a friend's garden.  And easy to just pull out and put into the composter if you have more than your garden can hold.


  1. You have some lovely blooms in your garden. I too, think a fence of some sort behind would make a lovely backdrop. Happy Canada Day,

  2. The Sweet Williams looks great - I'll have to add that to my wish list!

  3. I used to use different types of Sweet William as temporary fillers in various garden beds. Over the years, I found that they are really as attractive as any perennials and deserve their own spots in the garden. Love your border with a woodland background.

  4. Diane, It looks beautiful. I, too, have a border that backs up to the woods. The idea of putting some kind of fence or trellis behind it is intriguing (and something that never occurred to me). I'm going to give this more thought; up until now, my solution has been to put some big, bold plants (rudbeckia 'Herbstsonne', Delphinium) at the back of the border. -Jean


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