July 2 - Something has been digging and chewing in my garden! 

I'm not really sure what it is, but we have squirrels and rabbits around our place.  Something dug up crocus bulbs (and left a few of the outer bits, so I know they ate them) in several places.  They also chewed the green pepper plants, leaving only about an inch of the stem to remind me they were there. 

I filled in the holes and sprinkled some blood meal around the areas of concern.  So far the varmits have not returned!

PS - I said 'varmint' and my husband said it's 'varmits'.  I looked it up on google and both are correct - it's a matter of where you are from.  (English lesson for today.)  ;)

What's left of two of the green pepper plants.  (No worries, we have four more!)


  1. It's been chipmunks who've been digging in my garden. Fortunately, they don't seem to be eating anything -- just removing an amazing amount of dirt to create an entrance. (Given the size of the excavation, they must be building shopping malls under that flower bed!) I hope your blood meal continues to work and nothing else gets eaten in your garden. -Jean

  2. Don't rule out voles. I had a hole in my lawn close to the street that looked just like that and soon after my lawn had tunnels under it.

  3. I can so identify! I had something destroy a good portion of the very front of my garden over the winter. It was heartbreaking!
    Love your Sweet William in the last post. I used to have some but it has disappeared. You have reminded me how lovely it is and I think I will make a point of adding some back into my garden.


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