Garden Happenings in Early July

The shasta daisies are starting to bloom now. This is my favourite because it's a double-flowered one. It's called 'Snowdrift'.

These 'Snow Lady' shastas are my dwarf ones.  I had two of them, but somehow there is only one this year.  Everything else is the garden came through the winter intact, so it's a mystery. 

Blue Monkshood behind the Lychnis.  Blue and pink is my favourite garden colour combination.  

This little Crane's Bill geranium is blooming in my front shade garden.  It was a gift from a friend's garden. 

My Blue Peachleaf Bellflower is also blooming in the shade garden.  It was also a gift, planted last spring, but blooming for the first time now.  It's quite a delicate blue shade and quite lovely. 


  1. Pretty photos. These remind me that I need to expand my collection of plants.

  2. Don't you love July in the garden? Everything is looking so lovely. Your geranium looks very much like the one I got from my friend's garden. Do you (or your friend) happen to know its name? -Jean

  3. Hi Diane - It was great to have you stop by my blog again! For some reason I get the comments in my email but they aren't showing on the blog so I can't respond there. You're right - my mystery flowers are Centaurea. Thanks! LOL - I'm awful, I talk to myself - and nonhuman things - all the time. I'll be in the bedroom mumbling away and my daughter will yell up "Are you talking to yourself again???" You can always count on your kids to point out any embarrassing moment. Take care!!

  4. Hello Diane, I sure love coming to your blog! Your Blue Monkshood is wonderful! My bunnies eat mine down to the ground, so it never actually gives me flowers! I love the blue and pink that you have.


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