Rita's Garden

I've mentioned my dear friend Rita on the blog before.  She is the dearest lady, whose garden I stopped to admire one June day in 2007.    After we spoke for just a few minutes, Rita invited me to come over again to give me some of her plants.   We have become good friends and she has given me many delightful perennials over the last couple of years.  But even more wonderfully she shares her knowledge and love of perennial flower gardening with me. 

The picture above is the garden in Rita's front yard and this one is her side garden.   Rita has a different kind of garden than I do....she has her perennials placed in long rows, with straw in between, to mulch and walk on.   Because she mixes up the perennials, her garden doesn't give the impression of being all straight lines.  Quite the contrary, her garden is a place of beauty, where one can walk through and admire everything close-up. 

A closer look at some of Rita's beautiful delphiniums. In front of the delphiniums are her 'Missouri Beauty' daylilies.

And a sample of the beautiful beebalm that is at it's peak.

And last, but not least, Rita's beautiful poppies. 

I hope you've enjoyed the tour of this lovely woman's garden. 


  1. Beautiful - there is a lot of color going on in her garden. I have one good potential sun area in my yard for a bed and will have to start working on it so that I can have some color like this next year.

  2. Hi Diane - It's great to see Rita's gardens, after reading about her in your posts. I loved the tour! Her flowers are spectacular. It's wonderful for you to have a neighbor like that. Nobody in my neighborhood (or friends/family)garden, so I'm so thankful to have discovered blogging. Have a great day!

  3. Rita has a lovely garden. I love your picture of her poppies.

  4. Diane, Thank you so much for taking us into Rita's lovely garden. I have made so many wonderful friends through gardening! And even more friends through blogging about gardening. Such a joy! Pam

  5. Hi Diane - thanks so much for sharing Rita's tip about the tulip bulbs! It's nice to get advice, rather than floundering trying to figure stuff out from gardening books

  6. Lovely! So nice to read that!


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