The First Bloom Arrives!

April 8, 2011

One of the happiest times of the year for me, is the day my first flower opens.  It's like a celebration of the first day of the season.  Today my first little 'Remembrance' crocus opened. 

Special photo credit to my long-suffering husband for shading the crocus from the sun, with his body, so that I wouldn't have to find the patience to wait until late afternoon to take the shot! 

And next up.........

My backyard perennial border (aka my pride and joy) is still pretty much dormant.  (This is the border seen in my blog's header.)  I'm sure there's lots going on under the ground though!  In a week or so it should be dry enough for me to start cutting off the dead stalks, cleaning up the stalks that I cut back to ground level last fall and left on top of the crowns, and also the leaves and pine needles. 

By that time, I will no-doubt find all kinds of interesting little things poking their heads up.

Until then, happy gardening!


  1. So glad Spring has finally arrived with you, it's the most exciting time of year isn't it ?! Your first little crocus is gorgeous and shows promise of lots of good things to come.

  2. As you say, God Bless Husbands !! What would we do without them, I know that I couldn't manage here without his input.

  3. It's nice to discover another "cold climate" blog! Thanks for those crocus pictures - gives me hope that spring may arrive here soon!

  4. Hi Diane. I bet you are excited as can be to see blooms up there. But I'll tell you the truth I'm not a whole lot ahead of you. I get real zone envy from those in zone 7. :)
    Goldenray Yorkies

  5. Gorgeous, Diane! So jealous that flowers are happening there. I did see some little shoots sticking up along 18th street the other day, but there is still snow. It's been above zero for a week or so though, with rain... hopefully everything will get washed away and green things will start to grow again. There's a big danger of the Assiniboine flooding though.

  6. Diane, Congratulations on your first blooms. I'm headed home to Maine for a few days next week, and I'm hoping to find the garden dry enough that I can do spring clean-up. There was still snow on the ground last week, so time will tell. It's hard to believe that last year at this time (when we had a very early spring), I already had hyacinths and moss phlox in bloom and trees were starting to leaf out. -Jean


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