Spring Colour

Spring colour has arrived!

I think it's all the more special because we had to wait just that much longer for it this year.  The temperatures have also risen dramatically in the last few days and I'm going to guess that a lot of things are going to just grow like crazy.

What's blooming this morning includes the muscari (grape hyacinths) in the foreground.   I just love these little upward standing flowers and their addition of the wonderful blue contrast to anything else that is blooming.   Behind them are my full-size daffodils and the little 'tete-a-tete' ones, which are just starting to fade.  Also back there are two clusters of tulips I planted last fall.  The red ones are called patriotically  named 'Canadian Liberator' and the pink ones are adorably called 'Sugar Love'.

I made a concerted effort, last fall, to plant bulbs where their foliage would be hidden behind other plants after their blooming period.   Not sure how successful I was, but we'll see later.

Tulipa 'Canadian Liberator' in foreground

Tulipa 'Sugar Love' 


  1. It is lovely to see tulips again ours have been and gone for a few weeks now. Looking forward to seeing your borders as they change throughout the year.

  2. Muscari are also a great favorite of mine. You have some nice patches. Dealing with the foliage is always a challenge, I have only found solutions through trial and error.

  3. Beautiful tulips,aren't they a very stately looking flower! Muscari or grape hyacinths are lovely too ,I must plant some next year! Nice colors in your borders!

  4. Your tulips, daffodils and muscari are looking wonderful. Hiding the fading foliage is always a challenge, but your placement looks like you may keep it well hidden.

  5. I am so glad you stopped by my blog! Your gardens are amazing and the colors are just fantastic! I look forward to journeying along with you!!! Nicole


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