Format, Font and Flora!

June 30, 2011

First of all, about the new colours: I've been playing around with some new designs for my blog. I realize that the writing is more difficult to read on the black background and I've made the font a little bigger to see if that helps.

I'm still not happy with the ease of reading, but I don't have a lot of time to work on this today....PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE WITH ME, I'll try to get this rectified before my next post.

Now, to today's photos: I wanted to take some overall shots of the garden. I know I'm always intereted to see what other gardens look like as a 'big picture'. Hope you enjoy these.

Happy Gardening, everybody!

Back Border
Side Border
Front Shrub Bed
splash of color in the back border


  1. Very pretty gardens and like you I love to see the longs shots.I absolutely love your hardscaping as well as your home.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Love your borders, looking very pretty with all the colours. I think we all like to see long shots of peoples gardens, just as interesting as close ups. I like your white on black printing, as you get older a contrast is easier to read !!!

  3. Very nice pics - looks like you have a lot of plants just waiting to burst into flower.

  4. Hi Diane,
    I had to laugh when I saw your blog. I helped my husband start a blog today, and this is the template he chose, but he decided he didn't like the different colors of black on it and the lines separating the sections. He ended up with one of the watermark ones.

    I like to mess around with the template designer, too.

    I enjoyed seeing your borders. I was surprised to see irises blooming so prettily! Ours are all finished blooming for the year, except for the repeat bloomers, hopefully.

  5. Your garden is looking delightful Diane and I am very fond of this new blog design!


  6. Hi Diane: Great garden pics! :) I love all of the blue you have. Beautiful hardscaping too - I'm drooling over your sidewalk/ stair / wall in the front shrub bed shot.

  7. Diane, It was interesting to look at this first in Google Reader (relatively small black print on white background) and then click through to the blog. The photos definitely "pop" more with the dark background. Is it possible to make the font size you've used here for your photo captions your standard font? I really like the size and clarity of those -- I think they're just right. Is it possible to eliminate the diagonal stripes on the sides? I find them very busy and distracting. -Jean

  8. Thank you all for your comments, as always, they are much appreciated!

    Thanks to Jeans for the suggestions - I want evryone to be able to read this easily!

  9. I love the black for the popping photos. I had black for awhile, but got comments about hard to read. The big writing was easy to read, but I thought just a little chunky. Perhaps Arial font would be better. Happy playing around. Garden is looking great. I'm on holidays now for 2 weeks, so am hoping to get out in mine a bit.

  10. My daylilies have just begun as well! Isnt it a joy to visit them daily and remove the spent blooms?


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