Flower of the Week: 'Rita Heritage' Iris

June 13, 2011

These are what I like to call my 'Rita Heritage' Irises! They were given to me by my dear friend, Rita, who got my lovely gardens off to a wonderful start by giving me many perennials out of her beautiful garden in 2008. She said that these irises were given to her, forty years before, by the woman who started HER out in gardening.

They are particularily tall and bloom early, but mainly because I have them planted against the white wall of our swimming pool, which also faces south.

I have come upon purple and white bearded irises that look suspiciously like these, in photos only, and think they may actually be called 'Wabash' irises.

But I will always think of them as my 'Rita Heritage' ones.

PS - Just so I don't give anyone the wrong impression, this 'Flower of the Week' post that I started last week isn't meant to be taken as any kind of advice or expertise or anything like that! As I mention in my 'About my Blog' section, I'm an amateur gardener who just likes to share information about my own garden.

I'm just going to pick my favourite flower that's blooming each week and kind of showcase it. Any sharing from the Blogging World is more than welcome in the comments section.


  1. What a great name for your special blooms, they are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful Iris! Love the story behind them. Those are my favorite types of flowers; the ones with stories. Thanks for sharing. I loved your flower of the week. I think the one I have might actually bloom. That is if my dog would ever stop stepping on it.

  3. Beautiful. Iris are always lovely. My blooms have ended for the season now.
    Sunray Gardening
    Goldenray Yorkies

  4. I like the idea of "Rita Heritage" irises. I have some Siberian irises with a similar story. They were pass along plants from my friend Joyce who, in turn, had gotten them many years earlier from her gardening aunt. I love the way plants like this make me part of a community of gardeners. -Jean


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