Fertilizer Friday for June 17!

June 17, 2011

I'm joining up with Tootsie and friends over at Fertilizer Friday.  It's another nice way to meet garden bloggers from all over the world. 

This is the time of year that the perennial borders seem to have a lot of lovely green foliage, and a lot of buds waiting to come out. 

For colour in my borders right now, I have all my irises in bloom.  In addition to the ones I have shown in recent posts, I have my Really Giant white one in bloom, as well as a purple one with white, a very dark one (almost a blackish-purple) and my favourite - a lavendar coloured one.

All these irises were gifts from my wonderful friend, Rita. 

And I really cannot resist posting this photo of our little friend, who seems to live under our deck:

Happy Fertilizer Friday!
Have a great Weekend!


  1. Everytime I see an Iris, I always say it's one of the most beautiful flowers there are. I wish mine bloomed longer. Yours are lovely. I am not happy with the rabbits running around in the front eating some of my plants so you have more patience than I. :)

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Diane I had to laugh that you and I were apparently posting on each other's blog at the same time. Then I was writing this to you and you had posted on mine again. LOL Smart minds!!!

    I do love the Hosta period but yes love them as borders. I have my family Hosta bed also and another Hosta bed by my potting shed.

    I know how hard those of you in Canada work on your gardens and you appreciate each bloom you get.

  3. So gorgeous!! Love the dark irises, they are so striking and beautiful.

  4. I love the dark iris. I like that the very dark color seems to anchor many gardens that I see them in. Lovely blog.

    Have a great weekend. Michael

  5. Dear Diane, My irises have finished, and I was really sad to tell them goodbye. Yours are lovely! I do wish those darned rabbits weren't so cute - I have an adorable baby one living in my shade garden. My husband keeps asking if he should get the gun -- he knows I will always say 'no'. P. x

  6. Lovin' the pale blue iris I don't have much success with them my garden is a bit too shady. Glad you liked my site, and thanks for the welcome.

  7. Love that dark iris, very pretty!

  8. Gorgeous irises. Mine went by a week or so ago and I only have two varieties. The lavendar is my favorite too. If your friend Rita ever moves to Massachusetts, let me know. ;)

  9. Great Iris collection! They are one of my favorite flowers because they are so beautiful, delicate, and dependable. Always love swinging through your garden.


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