Splashes of Colour in the Green

June 8, 2014

It's a nice, but overcast day today, so great for taking photographs.   The Cottage Garden is in that in-between state of being mostly 'green' right now.   It reminds me of a great gardening quote, 'if you're going to grow perennials, you'd better learn to like green' - lucky for me, I do!

I do have a few colourful things blooming now and the irises are just about ready to burst open into beautiful colour all over the garden.

A few pictures from this morning:

lamium along the limestone walkway
hostas coming up behind it

dicentra bleeding heart in the shade garden out back

closer shot of these beauties

ajuga - bugle flower
a ground cover that works really well in my acidic soil out front 
gentian, a gift from my friend Rita's garden
beautiful crane's bill geranium, a gift from my friend Paula's garden


  1. My garden is in that same in between spring and summer phase - but fortunately there is still some color. I have that exact same hardy geranium - it is called 'Tschelda'. Gorgeous gentian - I so wish I had some.

  2. If you were my neighbour I'd be suggesting a trade, some of my pink cranesbill for some of your blue!

  3. I have the white form of dicentra , a lovely plant with its arches of flowers! The blue gentian is a dazzling colour! The best of the garden colour is happening in mine right now I think!

  4. Looking lovely in your garden with lots of pink and blue tones. I finally planted a pink lamium last year and like how it spreads around the taller perennials. The pink and white bleeding heart I have are nice but I'm after 'Valentine' for myself that I planted at our arboretum last year - it's stunning.
    We had a light sprinkle of rain this afternoon, hope your gardens got some too!

  5. I love this emerging stage. It is so fresh and hopeful. Your Gentian reminds me that I must get one. :)

  6. Nice to see all the colour in your garden - I am always amazed that dicentra, which seem so fragile, always come through your harsh winters.

  7. It looks as though you have got lots of colour in your garden to me! Green is a great backdrop though, it really makes the flowers shine through doesn't it! xx

  8. At least you have things coming up now to enjoy. It's been such a weird last year and I hope to not see another like it. Last summer was a good gardening season that I guess this is payback.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  9. Oh friend! I just love seeing all of the color welcoming you from your garden! I am so sorry I am a bit behind in reading as it has been a bit busy over here! Love that blue of that gentian! Happy gardening this week friend! Nicole xoxo

  10. Good Morning Diane! I finally made it over for a visit and have enjoyed browsing through some of your earlier posts too. You have a beautiful perennial garden, and I love that you're also in Ontario (good for comparing growing tips!). I like the last shot of your cranesbill, I have a big plant of this too, but it's slowly getting lost in the shade of a bush and I'm determined to move it this year before it completely disappears .... just need to find the space for it. It's also blue with hot pink lines in the petals. So pretty. Anyway, I'm going to continue following you along in your gardening fun :) Wendy x

  11. Love the gentian, hostas, and lamium. You have such a beautiful garden, Diane. (Mine is alot of "green" now too - but getting more colorful every day).
    Hugs, Beth

  12. My garden has its periods of green as well. You seem to have found little pockets of color though. Seeing your bleeding heart made me wonder if mine are still blooming as well. I forgot to check when I returned from Nova Scotia. Love Rita's Gentian. What a vivid blue!

  13. The Bleeding Heart is always good I think as it is not only the flower but also the leaves that are interesting.


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