Fertilizer Friday!

May 20, 2011

I decided to join in the fun at Fertilizer Friday today. I enjoyed all the great garden blogs I discovered though the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, so I thought I'd try this. Check out Tootsie's blog all the information about it at: Fertilizer Fridays.

I posted this same view of the 'Apricot Beauties' and muscari last year, but I love the combination so much. It's one of my favourite 'happy coincidences' that they bloom together: 
Tulipa 'Apricot Beauty and
Muscari (Grape Hyacinth)

These are my shade-growing tulips called 'Firespay'.  They also have the interesting habit of having more than one flower on each stem.  These are the second year for these, in my garden, and I notice they are somewhat smaller than they were the first year: 

Tulipa 'Firespray' with a daffodil

Some other things that I have blooming today:
Tulipa 'Yellow Emporer'
Tulipa 'Wildhof' in the foreground and 'Fringed Elegance'
 in the background.
Lamium bought at a plant sale, so I don't
know the variety.

The hostas are starting to come up!

'Red Lady' fern


  1. Everything looks lovely. Things are really coming along for you now.

  2. Hi Diane,
    You have beautiful varieties of tulips! So glad you posted the pic of the Apricot, as they are so lovely! Spring is coming round your way! Look at all of the things that are growing! Exciting times!

  3. Hi Diane,thanks for popping over to my blog!
    I just love your tulips especially the apricot ones,I have muscari too though they are well gone over now so maybe I will source an apricot tulip for next year!
    Your hostas are slower than over here as mine are well opened for a while now and looking great.
    Happy gardening!

  4. You do have some lovely tulips and the pairing of the Apricot Beauty and the Muscari is just beautiful.

  5. Diane I love your tulips too and how you have the paired....I also love the nicely kept beds all mulched....mine are a weedy mess but I hope to get mine to look as lovely as yours..looking forward to seeing more blooms in your garden

  6. Looks like your garden is more lush every day! Had a chat with dad about what we should do. I think annuals might not be the best idea since we don't know what kind of garden the house owners might want. I think we will plant some quick, easy growing poppies and buy a few trays of marigolds or something to transplant into the raised bed along the south fence, along with some hostas because it is shady! Carrying on the family hosta tradition. Then veggies in the lower bed.

    Then a few planters with a variety of flowers and some pots of herbs from the deck and we will be all set!

  7. Everything looks just so pretty!

  8. Beautiful tulips! I don't have much luck with tulips here, probably because I don't have enough sun. But yours are gorgeous!

  9. I love your apricot beauty tulips paired with the grape hyacinth. I also have that combination and they are wonderful. I was wondering if the tulips would rebloom. How long have you had them? Everything looks great. Thanks for swinging by and sitting on my porch.

  10. BBB and B: I'll answer this on your own blog, but just case anyone else wants to know:

    Yes! The 'Apricot Beauty' ones have come back every year for me. This is the fourth spring I've had them! In fact, they have multiplied.

    As a matter of fact, I have always had this type of tulip (Darwin species?), but the plainer type of tulips and I thought that all tulips came back every year. I just found out this year that the 'fancier' types (like double peony-type) don't come back.

    But definitely these 'Apricot Beauties' do.

    Happy Gardening


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