Trading Perennials with Gardening Friends!

May 5, 2011

One of the things I love about gardening is trading perennials with friends.  Recently I had the opportunity to trade some crocuses (which the rabbits and chipmunks are playing havoc with at my house) for some more critter resistant spring-flowering bulbs.  My good friend and garden-mentor, Rita, offered me some of her puschkinia, so I thought it would be a good idea to give her some of my crocuses.  (Rita has hundreds of crocuses in her garden, and not many bunnies around to bother them.) 

'Prince Claus' crocuses, some with the tops eaten
 off, some with the bulbs taken.


Digging the crocuses up.

Maybe I planted these too deeply?

Ready for the move to Rita's Garden

So I took the crocuses up to Rita and spent a lovely morning having coffee, talking, and taking a drive to one of our favourite garden centres.

The 'Prince Claus' crocuses are now safely planted in Rita's Garden and I came home with the following beautiful bunch of puschkinia (the light coloured ones), some scilla (the blue ones) and something new-to-me, chionadoxa 'Glory of the Snow' (the pretty mauve ones).  All of these are tucked into their new garden at my house now. 

Thank you, Rita!


  1. That's one of my favourite things to do too - Rita sounds like a wonderful garden friend. I'd love to share some things with you too if you lived a little closer.

  2. How fun to share plants - I have several in my garden that remind me of the friends that they came from. Makes them very special!

  3. It's fun making trades like that. Enjoy your new beauties. I didn't know you could move them in bloom like that. I hope they do well.

  4. I love how this blog is developing, D! Especially Wordless Wednesdays, that's so cute. Wish I had a project I could chronicle in my blog. I guess I should start planting soon?


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