Wordless Wednesday

May 24, 2011
Muscari Grape Hyacinths

Myosotis Forget-Me-Not
Bleeding Heart
Arabis Rock Cress


  1. I like that rock cress! Does that grow in shade or sun?

  2. Hi Billie Jo,

    I answered on your blog, but just in case anyone else is intereted. My rock cress is in a light shade area, although according to my perennial book it 'thrives in sun or light shade.'


  3. Hi Diane,
    It's fun seeing your blooms. My blooms like these are either finished or almost finished.

    You asked me if I figured out what the plant that was labeled, "Stokes Aster" was. From what she said, I figured it was probably a New England Aster. It's an aster of some kind. I didn't find a spot for it, and now, it has some kind of grass trying to take over the plant. I'm not so sure I even want to plant it. I already have lots of that type of aster.

  4. Dear Diane, Good choice of blooms for WW. My grape hyacinths are finished - spring blossoms are too fleeting.
    You asked me about pruning mock orange -- It is best to prune immediately after flowering. However, pruning mock orange in early spring, before growth begins, will force the stored carbohydrates from the previous season into the surging new growth. You won’t have flowers for a year, but you will have a handsome shrub. If flowering is an absolute necessity in your life, then allow what is there to flower. You can prune the canes back to the ground immediately after flowering. I hope this helps. P. x

  5. Absolutely beautiful. My favourite kind of flower too

  6. Thanks for swinging by the porch. Hope your coffee was hot as it is cold! You asked about the grape hyacenth. I cut the flowers, but not the leaves. The flowers actually have seeds and those little buggers can go nuts. The leaves nave to be left so they can get energy for next year. I sure love your garden. How's the weather?


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