Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

May 15, 2011

I've been seeing 'Garden Blogger's Bloom Day' posts on some of the blogs I've been following and decided to join in the fun. The idea is to make a post about the things that are blooming in your garden, on the 15th of every month. Check it out at May Dreams Gardens

I don't have a lot blooming right now (we're getting a late start in Zone 4).

I'm delighted to introduce, appearing for the first time in my garden, these darling little miniature 'Tete a Tete' daffodils. I planted them last fall.

These pretty little dwarf irises are new to my garden as well.  In fact, I only transplanted them last week.  They were found in a vacant lot, next-door to some friends of ours.  They had once been a part of a garden, but the house on the property has long been torn down.  All that is left is some perennials that have gone kind of wild and part of the old driveway.

I'm very sure the gardener who planted these would be very happy that we have transplated them to a new home, where they will be loved and cared for.  (I'd love to know the species of this, if anyone can tell me.)


An interesting story about this Rock Cress is that  I bought it from a home garden sale that a lady in my community had last spring.  They had finished blooming for the year, by the time I bought them, and the lady had put tags on them calling them Edelweiss.  My friend, Rita, who I talk about a lot of my blog, grew up in Germany and said they were 'definitely not' Edelweiss. 

When they started to bloom a couple of days ago, I went to my trusty perennial book didn't see anything that looked like them. I posted the photos on my flickr web page, and a couple of my contacts there identified it as Arabis Rock Cress.  I've looked up lots of information since, about Rock Cress, and this is definitely it. 

As a co-incidence, the lady I got them from at her annual perennial sale yesterday morning, when the name of the plant was still a mystery to me.  I tried to subtly tell her that they didn't look like the Edelweiss in my plant books and she said that she didn't really know the name of them, just thought Edelweiss was 'the closest thing to them'. 

Arabis Rock Cress

The Pasque Flower just came out this morning. It's one of my favourites.

Pulsatilla  Pasque  Flower

And I'm really not sure how this one got in here....



  1. Late here too Diane. Bulbs are still in bloom with 44° weather. Still I miss them when they are gone. The cooler temps too when it hits 90°. Happy GBBD.

  2. I wish I could fine some of those iris myself. Will probably have to order some. Thanks for sharing, hope your spring increases soon. Happy GBBD.

  3. Love those bearded? iris. There's a bunch of cultivars that I just learned about. who knew there were so many types. Matti

  4. I have those little miniature irises all over my gardens and I just love them! They increase rapidly so soon you'll be able to plant them all over as well!

    Mine aren't blooming yet - very slow start to spring here in zone 3 as well.

    Have a great day!

    Billie Jo

  5. Dear Diane, Welcome to GBBD! I love your 'Tete a Tete' daffodils - so sweet. And the 'found' irises are beautiful. Spring came late to my garden too, but is all the more welcome! P. x

  6. Lovely photos - I really like your Daffodils and the Iris. Very pretty. Happy GBBD :)

  7. I like your blog! Nice to find another gardener who has a four legged Gardening Assistant. Anyway, the tiny daffodils are adorable, and anyone who rescues abandoned garden plants like those iris is part of my soul group.

  8. I love those dwarf iris and daffodils Diane! I transplanted some dwarf daffodils from my daughter's garden last spring - no blooms this year, so hopefully next spring. Happy Bloom Day!

  9. I think those little iris are called cristata - they come in white also - mine all lost to voles this winter!

  10. That iris is cute. That's funny about the rock cress. I picked up a plant at a plant sale where people dug things out of their yards, that said it was a Stoke's Aster. As I was walking out the door, I looked at it, and told it it was not a Stokes aster. I went back in, and the gal who took my money is the one who had brought it. She said it gets a couple feet tall with purple flowers. I explained that Stokes Asters don't get that tall. She said she got it at a men's plant sale a couple years ago, and that's what they had it marked as. LOL

  11. Well when you photography it that way, the dandelion is rather pretty heeehee. Rock cress! All my photos I took from the back garden and your photo just reminded me, I am not sure if my rock cress has started in my front bed yet!

  12. That little daff is truly splendid! Dandelions are not the best, but good for bees.


  13. I really like 'Tete a Tete' daffodils but the one time I tried them, none came up... I think they are well worth a second chance! Nice post! L

  14. Those little daffodils are the cutest ever! Love Pasque Flower, especially the feathery seedheads...our neighbor has a few and I adore walking by and running my hand over them!

  15. I love these miniature irises. I have a few that I coddle - 'weeds' - even other flowers tend to overwhelm them easily because of their tiny size. They pop out in the spring almost before I think to look for them.
    I have been unable to find a commercial source to obtain more or even any descriptions of this plant on the Internet. I also am 'looking' and would like information.


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