Feedjit! (Vent)

I always want to reciprocate when people take the time to make a comment on my blog.

But I really hate the 'Feedjit' feature that I see on blogs, leaving a little calling card telling the world that a 'visitor from (and my town's name)' has been there. If I wanted people to know exactly where I'm from, I'd let them know.

Sometimes you can click on the Feedjit widget and remove your IP altogether (in which case I'll leave a comment) but often you can only remove yourself from having your city or town's name left in the future (the first visit will remain.)

Does anybody else feel this way? Just a little invaded? Or is it just me?


  1. Yes I DO. Also the one that lists all the most recent comments down the side of the main page too. Good post!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I do agree with you. I am new to the blogging world, and I did find it a bit creepy when I visited my first blog site that showed the Feedjit!

  3. Hi Diane, I haven't really thought about it..but I can see your point. I suppose it all depends on why people keep a blog. I tend to be attracted to folks that write for themselves and/or just enjoy connecting with others about flower or veggie gardening. Some folks write to see how big of an audience they reach and really enjoy knowing how far and wide of where their audience is.

  4. I dare somebody to try and find me. Our cabin is hard to find for people with good directions and a map. Still, I can understand your concern.

  5. Hi Diane, I don't like it when I see my own presence immediately register on a blog. Its almost feels like being caught and having someone shine a flashlight in your eyes. I like connecting with other bloggers around the world by leaving a comment saying I appreciate and have enjoyed your post.

  6. I agree!! I had one on my blog for about a day - then removed it. Another thing I don't like is music, a load of ads, and slideshows. It slows down your ability to enjoy the blog and is more like visiting a commercial website.

    There! We've all vented ;-)

  7. I never thought about your concerns. I have Feedjit at the very bottom of my sidebar. I don't remember to look at it there. I used to have it further up, and I looked to see who all had been over, but the reason I moved it is because I don't advertise, and there is an ad on the bottom of it. Maybe I should go ahead and get rid of it.

  8. Totally agree with you. Seems too Big Brothery to me.

  9. Hmmmm...something to think about. I have it and I like to see what countries visitors come from. I have noticed that it never ever gets my city correct. It changes the city all the time and it's never the correct city????

    I think if you visit blogs, you are being tracked on almost all of them. Many have hidden trackers that you can't see. Personally I can't tell who visits. I guess one would have to be really into studying it to figure out the exact person.


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