Hollyhocks, Rudbekia and More Poppies!

July 21, 2011

Greetings from hot, humid Ontario. I'm going to be taking a week off from blogging - time for family to visit us and not much time for the computer. I'll be back to the computer in time for Fertilizer Friday next week though, and expect by that time the phlox will be out and the back border will be full of colour!

Here is the backyard border this week. Spirea, hydrangea, daisies, monkshood and some daylilies are on the go:

backyard border July 19

Meanwhile, in the side border, my love affair with 'Shirley' poppies continues. I now have a white one, and pink and white one, and a darker (almost red) and white one blooming. My learned-brother tells me to be prepared to 'weed them ruthlessly' next spring:

'Shirley' Poppies

A lovely addition to the garden this year, is this beautiful double rudbekia that I given by my friend, Paula. She brought down three different divisions of her rudbekia about a month ago, and I planted them in three different areas. This is the first one to bloom. It's just a gorgeous two-toned double:

double rudbekia

And last, but not least, for today's post, is my first real showing of hollyhocks. I really want to have the old-fashioned single ones (next year's project) but I love these double ones:

Alcea rosea Hollyhock
'Chater's Double Pink'

Until next week, everyone, happy gardending! I look forward to catching up with reading and commenting on your blogs then.


  1. Beautiful pictures, all your flowers are so beautiful. I especially love the Rudbeckia, it is very unique! Thanks so much for your comments on Caitlynn's poem! We got up first thing this morning to check it, as she wanted to see if there were any comments! Thanks so much for all of your help with the blog, blotanical.com is helping a lot! Have a wonderful time off with your family!
    Thanks again, Mindy

  2. Now that I have seen your 'stand' of hollyhocks I am definitely going to grow a lot more from seed next year. Enjoy next week.

  3. Some really lovely stuff here Diane. That white poppy is so nice! See you next week.


  4. Everything looks beautiful. It's nice you still have so much blooming.
    Cher Sunray GardensEnjoy your week.

  5. Your poppies are so beautiful, how can you be ruthless with them !!! Have a good time with your family.

  6. Think of a border full of Poppies next year!!

    Like your border Diane.

  7. my hollyhock didn't make it to the photos...the storms made a nice mess of the huge display it had going on.

  8. That backyard border is really looking beautiful! Well done! The poppies are exquisite and look to be worth any and all weeding requirements - ha! I'm not sure I've ever seen a "double" hollyhock before - stunning! I'm hoping I'll have some come up next year myself.

    Have a good time with your family - enjoy the break!

  9. Hi Diane,
    I wonder if you are having any symptoms of withdrawal about now. LOL I keep thinking I should take a break to get some things done, but don't seem to have the self control. I am getting some of the cleaning done, though. We can walk into the basement pantry/storage room now, and the things in there are accessible to us.

    I have 2 poppy plants, and deadheaded them, hoping to get more blooms. I should look up to see if that works. I do want some to go to seed to self sow. Yours sure are pretty. The rudbeckia and hollyhocks are, too.

    I expect you are having fun with your family. I hope things are going well, and you are getting some relief from the heat and humidity.

  10. I forgot to answer a question you had awhile back about what part of liatris rabbits eat. It seems they mostly eat young growth. Once in awhile, they will eat some that are larger, but those snap back better than the young ones, which sometimes get eaten down to the stub. I have some that I protected after they were eaten pretty badly, and they have grown larger than they were when first planted.

  11. Weed out your poppies? Are you kidding? I sure hope mine spread like weeds. The hollyhocks are gorgeous. I don't do well with them because the Japanese beetles eat them full of holes.

  12. Hi I'm new, but I'm loving this blog! :) love, love, love your pictures especially the poppies. :)

  13. Hi Diane, I hope you enjoy your time off. I was too ruthless with my annual poppies out after they finished flowering last year and didn't leave enough to reseed the garden. I have one lowly poppy this summer as a result. Annual poppies are so pretty. I love your white and red ones especially. That pink hollyhock is just beautiful too!

  14. What a gorgeous border! I love shirley poppies too, but mine don't self seed. I forgot to plant some this year so I'll have to enjoy yours. :)

  15. Diane, I love your border and the poppies are just stunning! I enjoyed my visit today.
    Blessings, Beth


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