FF for July 7

July 7, 2011

I'm joining up with Tootsie over at Fertilizer Friday. Today, I thought I'd show some overall shots of my beds at the front of the house.

The front shrub bed, is one I put in last spring. I know next-to-nothing about shrubs, but I'm learning. In here I have a red-twig dogwood, a drarf snowball bush, an 'Invincibelle' hydrangea and spruce shrub. The spruce shrub is the only thing that we left from the messy-overgrown evergreen shrubs that were there before we lived here.

There's also a shot of the front and side of the house. You can see the perennial border that I've shown 'closer-up' shots of before.

My little hosta bed is in the backyard and I have different hostas in there.

And my 'Annabelle' hydrangea that is (cleverly) hiding our cement well cover!

Happy FF Everyone!

hosta bed
front shrub bed
front and side border
little bed to hide the well cover


  1. Everything looks lovely. Your Hostas are looking gorgeous. I love the Hosta and have a small collection also.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Oh so neat. I'd love to have a dogwood. All looks lovely

  3. I miss my dogwood that I had at my other house! Your gardens are looking wonderful friend! I love how neat and crisp they are looking...you made some wonderful choices in plantings!
    Thanks for linkng in this week...I do hope you will flaunt with me again soon! It was great to visit...and hopes for your weekend to be great!

  4. You have beautiful garden beds. It all looks so healthy! I love the hostas!

  5. Looks great!! I love all the brick work around.

  6. I have a red twig dogwood and love it. Your hostas look better than mine-our 100 degree heat is taking a toll.

  7. You have some pretty gardens there. They are so neat. Love that hosta bed. Hosta doesn't seem to like it in my gardens but I'm not giving up yet.

  8. Your hostas are looking really happy and you have a lovely choice of shrubs with contrasting foliage. We have quite a number of the red stemmed Dogwood, they also have fantastic autumn tints, a good plant for 12 months of the year.

  9. Lovely garden. I especially like the brick work bordering the beds.

  10. Diane, Love the hostas. It is very creative the way you have showcased them together. Very pretty!

  11. Hi Diane,
    I love the stone work on your retaining wall! I really like all the shades of fresh green and a little mix of silver. Very pretty hostas..it's looking lush :)

  12. I love your shrub border. I don't know much about shrubs, either, but it sure looks like you do! I planted some ornamental grass to hide our well cover, I think your hydrangea is a much better idea, and prettier!

  13. Diane, I am impressed with how neat your beds are. We can't seem to manage that! Love the hostas. We also enjoy them a great deal. I'm always glad to see other gardeners planting them. Thanks for sharing your beautiful beds. ~~Rhonda

  14. I've always loved hydrangeas because they reminded me of the cottage. I even remember taking a picture of you in front of one when I was out visiting one summer! I think I'd like to have them in my wedding somehow when I get married.

  15. Enjoyed seeing your flowers and shrubs with the trees in the background.

    Have not been concerned about the location thing on the sidebar as it has never given my exact location and I do say on my profile that I live in North East London.

    If it can be traced to a particular post then I understand your concern but not sure that it is.

  16. Your hostas are in such good condition Diane! Great work.


  17. Diane, Your garden is really looking good -- and I love that new band of photos in your header; very nice! -Jean


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