Daylily Daze

July 31, 2014

I love this time of year, when all the dayliles are in bloom.   I look forward to the early mornings, when I can tour my flower beds and snip off the spent flowers from the day before.   It's so lovely knowing more will be blooming as soon as the sun is on them for a bit. 

I have two new varieties this year, which I've been looking forward to posting shots of. 

Both came to my garden from dear friends.  The first is one that I bought at a garden centre a few years ago and gave to my mentor, Rita.   Last fall, she gave me a division of it for my own garden.   It's my only double daylily and it's a lovely peach colour.

Rita's double peach daylily, with coral bells, Heuchera 'Bressingham Hybrids' behind

The second new one is a two toned orange and yellow one, given to me by my great friend, Paula.  This is a really different one, because there are actually two different colours, but every second petal is actually the different colour!
beautiful bi-coloured daylily, from Paula's Garden
The rest of the daylilies are also all blooming now, with the exception of 'Stella d'oro' which is my early bloomer and is finished now.   (Hopefully some more blooms will appear later in the season though.)

'Missouri Beauty'

good old-fashioned orange daylily, with delphiuniums behind
(this one is actually growing in a pot)

ivory daylily, from my aunt's garden

'Pandora's Box'

'Catherine Woodbury'

lovely red colour, with 'Annabelle' hydrangia behind

Hope everyone is enjoying their gardens.   We're having a little bit of cool weather here.   Hopefully that will mean that the flowers will last a little longer!


  1. What a beautiful assortment of day lilies, Diane! The double peach and Pandora's Box lilies are my favourite. But we'll soon have another little Lily in the world! :)

    I also enjoyed your earlier post showing all the gardens and backyard projects around the place. That fire pit will be just beautiful!

    Love Shannon

  2. Awesome show of your daylilies, Diane; beautiful! Am just starting to appreciate daylillies, even though I've had them for quite some time, and yours are making me appreciate them even more! Linda

  3. What a gorgeous selection you have friend!!! I love day lilies as they add that extra bit of color in my beds. And that first one you have up there in the peach color is beautiful!!!!!!! I really like the shape of the bloom as well!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend in the garden! Nicole xo

  4. Lovely Daylilies. I've really been enjoying mine this season also. After our horrible Winter and the losses I sustained, it's no nice to have a nice Summer to garden in.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Beautiful day lilies so glorious colours.

  6. Loved seeing your daylilies today, Diane! Pandora's Box is really special. Gorgeous!

  7. You have a wonderful collection of daylilies, Diane. I have six or so, of which my favorite is 'Chicago Apache'. I love the peach ones in your garden. P. x

  8. It is amazing just how many varieties of day lily there are - I only have one which never flowers as it is in the shade - I really must move it but have nowhere else to put it - so a bit of a waste of time really.

  9. They are gorgeous. I was given lots of seeds once when staying in Kentucky as my hosts specialised in growing them. I enjoyed them for about 5 years until the digging up and dividing got too much so nice to see yours.

  10. I never remember the names of my lilies, so I admire you being able to identify all of your lovely ones! Pandora`s Box looks quite exotic with its colouring.


  11. Beautiful selection of daylilies! I particularly love the ivory one and that last one with the deep red eye.

  12. You have quite a nice array of daylilies Diane. I have a couple of nice ones but need to invest in a few more to really take advantage of all that daylilies can offer at this time of year. I'd love a good ivory one like the one you show to go with the yellow one I have and maybe a few nice bi-colors like the ones in your post.

  13. Diane, your daylilies are beautiful. Daylily season is starting to wind down here, and I always feel a little sad as different favorites open their last flowers. (I do have some late bloomers and rebloomers, though, to keep me going until frost.) I am especially fond of bitone daylilies. I don't currently have any growing in my garden, but there is a red and yellow variety growing at three different houses along my morning walk, and I'm plotting a way to beg a division of one of them! -Jean

  14. Beautiful! I love them all, Diane.

  15. Oh, I love your daylilies!! Next year I would love to add some new varieties to my garden....I love your double peach! Such a beauty!


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