Early July at My Cottage Garden

July 7, 2014

My camera was out of commission for a short while so here's a quick catch up of what's been going on.

The peonies are almost finished, but they were glorious!   The delphiniums are starting to come out.   It's very exciting because I transplanted some from my friend, Rita's, garden in the fall and I'm not sure what colours they are going to be.  Rita has a rainbow of delphinium colours.   The daylilies are also coming along.

'Bowl of Beauty' peony
'General McMahon' peony
Sweet Williams (from seeds from my Dad's garden) 

Dwarf Campanula

Delphinium 'King Arthur' (getting shorter every year)

Explorer Rose 'John Cabot' 

Delphiniums from Rita (such a pretty light blue)
Hostas growing in pots on our deck

Good ol' orange daylily (also growing in a pot on our deck) 


  1. Oh so many pretty blooms friend! Your Delphiniums about knocked me off my chair! They are stunning! And I LOVE the hostas in your planters! I would say that you have a lot of goodness growing where you are! Happy gardening friend! Nicole xo

  2. Wonderful delphiniums! I don't have any because I have heard they are difficult, but maybe I should give them a try. I'm amazed your peonies have lasted so long.

  3. I love delphiniums and they are so easy to grow from seed - I especially like the really dark blue ones - sadly, the slugs seem to love them too and I have to be especially vigilant when they are just poking through the soil - otherwise they just seem to vanish. You have some lovely plants flowering at the moment.

  4. Beautiful!!! I love the peonies and the daylily especially. xx

  5. Your peonies are so huge! I just love them. We had an old peony bush for years but eventually we lost it. Ever since I have tried and tried to get another going. So far I have one small one growing but year 3 now flowers - maybe next yr.

  6. I found my peonies seemed to come and go in record time this summer. Perhaps I was just busy, because I have not a picture to show for it. Yours delphinium have done so well after being moved. I always love the dark dramatic blues, but I have to say that the light sky blue ones are my favourites.

  7. Love the delphiniums. Mine are just peeping through the winter rain here in Australia.

  8. Beautiful beautiful flowers...makes me want to garden, but just too cold and wet at the moment.

  9. I must grow delphiniums! They are beautiful! Sweet Williams has always been one of my favorite--so pretty!


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