Gardening Tote

July 22, 2014

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've long pondered over and searched for some kind of tote/bag/thing that I could use for gardening.     Something that I could carry around with me on my sojourns into the garden, something that I could carry a few necessities in, something that would save me leaving scissors, pruners, and weeding tools all over the place and not being able to find them when I want them!

I purchased one such 'tote bag' a few years ago that was specifically designed for this, but the pockets weren't nearly deep enough and the whole bag was very light and collapsed onto itself much too easily.   I looked at anther one this spring that is like a little apron that you put over the sides of a standard sized bucket (and especially made for gardening), but it seemed kind of cheap and shabby when I looked at in the store.

When I mentioned what I was looking for to my husband he said they sell a thing like that in the automotive section, something that's meant for tools but goes on a bucket.   So I checked it out.  I always carry my little bucket around with me - I'm sure you all do - to put weeds and deadheaded flowers in.

I bought it and it works absolutely perfectly for me!    This is what I bought and how I use it:

"bucket organizer" purchased in the automotive section at
Canadian Tire (probably there are many makes of this type of thing sold at automotive stores
all over) 

organizer placed over top of a standard five-gallon plastic pail

plant markers, permanent marker and pruners fit nicely

organizer just slips over the pail

my smaller deadheading pail...
...slips easily inside, and can be removed for dumping in the composter
This thing is just the cat's pajamas!

I'm wondering if any of you might find this useful as well or if you have something that works really well for you, what is it?

Happy gardening!


  1. I could really use something like this! How cool! I cam constantly leaving my tools everywhere in the garden and sometimes I lose things! I am for sure bookmarking this post lady! I hope you are well! Happy gardening! Nicole xo

  2. That looks like a great idea. Who says something needs to be used solely for its intended purpose!

  3. Nice. I generally stick smaller tools in my back pockets, with sometimes unfortunate results.

  4. I love it! Usually I carry around my bucket, and a weeder and pruner in the same bucket - the one I'm putting weeds into. More than once I've dumped my weeder and pruner into the compost pile with the weeds and deadheads!

  5. What a clever idea - it would be good for me as I am always losing stuff in the garden.

  6. You know there is usually something in the tool department that works elsewhere for us. That looks ideal.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. I am always losing my tools so I need something like this. Great idea Diane!

  8. Hope it works well for you. I have always tried different things and some worked well and some not. My latest is a full sized pinafore with lots of pockets which seems to be working well. Always found aprons were fine till they got heavy then they would slip down. I don't particularly like something I have to carry around.


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