Planting Limestone Path

Sorry the picture quality is a little dark here.  It's a shady garden and I'm finding it a little hard to photograph well. 

My plan is for this to be very natural looking and have the hostas and ferns kind of 'spill over' on the walkway, here and there.  For now I have black plastic garden edging along the right side to hold the soil and water in, but I'm hoping to be able to remove it (or have it covered up by foliage) before too long. 

Along the right side are several types of hostas  including Minuteman, Lancifloria, Longissima, Blue Mouse  Ears, a couple of ferns (Frizelliae and Lady in Red) and some violets.   

On the left side, between the walkway and the house, I have foxglove and monkshood, bee balm, bleeding heart, periwinke, bugleflower, lamina, and some hostas, including June, Golden Tiara, and Gold Standard. 

I love how everything looks but I have no idea if I have too many or too few plants in here.  With luck I might have just the right amount. 

We will see. 


  1. The limestone pathway looks good with the small plants in between the cracks, and I like your plan of having the plants spill over the edges to soften them. Hosta with a bit of white on the leaves always look good in the shadowy areas. Lady in Red fern looks extra nice in the spring, when the stems emerge red and contrast with the leaves.

    Hi Diane,
    Thanks for visiting my blog in return. Great start on your shade garden! I don't think that you have too many plants. In my humble opinion, I think that you should think about adding a couple of taller plants/shrubs to add height and hide the wall/foundation. You might also consider adding a couple of trellis on the wall. You could train an evergreen euonymus on the trellis to great effect. I would also think about adding something evergreen, so the area is not bear in winter. Jennifer

  3. The Limestone path is beautiful Diane, it would cost an absolute fortune here in England - it will look lovely with a few plant flopping over. Thank you so much for your lovely comments about my mum and my garden, its lovely to make friends over the seas. Best wishes Betty from England

  4. I love the path you have created and it will look lovely when the plants spill over the edges.

  5. Gorgeous walkway! It already looks great - it will look fantastic when everything fills in and blooms. Can't wait to see it!


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