The Weatherman has Some 'Splainin' to Do!

May 8, 2010 - We had 10 cms of snow! This is kind of unusual for May, but not unheard of. It's also the reason we have a rule of thumb that we don't plant our annual flowers and vegetables until after the long weekend in May.

No harm seems to have been done to the perrennials. In fact, the hostas seemed to come up a few inches!


  1. It's always a relief to see the flowers still standing after a late spring snow. I love the hardy bulbs for their willingness to put up with it. My new plants have spent the last week in their pots and packs, going in and out, but now it looks like things have warmed up.

  2. Crazy weather wasn't it. It also snowed in my garden in Owen Sound, luckily it melted as it hit the ground. All the garden centres were closed for Mothers Day weekend, that will really hurt them financially.


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