Last Day of May

This is what's blooming in my garden on the last day of May.  The two irises were gifts, the purple and white one from my garden friend-mentor, Rita, and the dark purple from my in-laws' garden.  The pink poppy, 'Paradiso', I treated myself to, just this spring, and am delighted that it is blooming.  The lilies-of-the-valley I transplanted from our previous home three summers ago and they are just starting to take off in their new bed.

My backyard border (seen in full bloom in my blog's header) is lush with 'greenliness' at the present time.   I recently read that if you intend to do perennial gardening you should 'learn to love green'.  Good thing I do!

There are several things just ready to pop open in here though.


  1. April and May are gigantic gardening months for me. I think the rest of the season will be just enjoying my work for the last two months. I'll also tackle some big yard cleaning projects in my back yard. Nice photos. What program did you use to combine those four photos?

    BYW, I found your blog through Hallson's hosta forum.

  2. Hello Diane, I just discovered your blog today on Blotanical and became an instant fan. I do a monthly feature on my blog where I highlight some newly discovered garden blogs that I want to recommend to my readers. I just wanted to let you know that yours will be one of three that I am focusing on in June. My "Garden Blog of the Month" post will appear tomorrow, and your blog will be featured on my sidebar throughout the month. -Jean


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