Mulching Time

We found a local landscaper supply place where you can buy mulch by the half-yard. I chose the brown cedar mulch because I like the colour (it looks very natural, like earth) and the texture (the cedar is mostly shredded, with a few slightly larger bits here and there). We were able to fit in one and a half yards into our short box pick-up truck.

Boy, have I been having fun shoveling it out and putting it on the garden. Stay tuned for photos of the garden with the mulch on it. Oh, and I'm pulling out or hoeing up the little weeds that are starting to appear before I put the mulch down.

I hope this works to keep the weeds down!


  1. Excellent!!!

    I am over here now too, Diane. I figured it would be easier since all of my friends seem to be here.

  2. Try putting a few layers of newspaper down under the mulch. It will form an impenetrable barrier to weed seeds but still let water soak through.

  3. I live in Ontario in a zone 4B. We get hot dry summers here as well as gardening on maily sand. Mulch is a very important component of trying to keep the moisture in the soil and the weeds down. Besides it looks nice too. Happy Gardening. Valerie

  4. Hi Diane, I too live in Ontario and garden in Zone 4B. My soil condition is sandy and most of my plants are shade loving. I love the cottage look in gardening, but atlas many do not grow in my conditions. I hope you do not wear yourself out moving all that mulch. Have a wonderful weekend and take care.


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