Plant Sale Finds!

May 22 - I went to a private plant sale that a local gardener was holding at her home on the weekend.  She had quite a beautiful garden and was selling some of her perennials that she had divided.  At $2 each, I was quite happy to take some home with me. 
I have here some foxgloves, some lamina, and some violets.   There is also a  kind of white-flowered ground cover that she called Edelweiss (it doesn't look anything like the Edelweiss that I've seen before), and some type of Persian coneflower.  She just called it 'bachelor's buttons' - hers was blooming and it was a lovely shade of blue. 

After looking them up in my books when I got home, I see that the violets, lamina and 'Edelweiss' or what ever it is, should work great with the hostas beside the limestone path.


  1. Hi Diane - thanks for visiting my little blog project and commenting on the hostas in my garden. You're right about the growing collection - I'm beginning to think that hostas attract new varieties overnight when we're not looking. Did you ever figure out what the "edelweiss" was?

  2. I am guessing from what I can see in your picture that the Bachelor Button is Mountain Bluet. I find that it tolerates some shade ( which is always a great quality in my garden).

  3. Great (cheap!) plant finds. Just found your blog on Blotanical. Your garden is beautiful! Lychnis is one of my favorites also - they're biennial for me so last year I had none blooming. This year I have at least 50 ready to bloom.


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