2007 - When We Moved In

When we moved into our home in the late summer of 2007, this was the only garden with perennials on the property. There were some lovely plants in here (bugle flower, scabiosa, pearl everlasting, and a pair of gorgeous pasque flowers). We rebuilt this deck in 2008 and most of these plants have been moved elsewhere on the property into new beds.

This is the bed at the front of the house when we moved in.

The beginning of my back border:  That first fall, I started making a perennial bed along the back of the yard. I planted a climbing hardy rose (the Explorer series 'John Cabot', a peony, and a couple of 'Neon Blaze' spireas.  My plan was to increase it bit by bit over the next five years, so that eventually it would go across the width of the backyard.   As you can see, if you check the photos from 2009, it only took two years, thanks to friends who gave me many perennials.


  1. Hi, Diane! It's Patricia (I don't have an account or an URL, so I logged in as anon.)

    I love your blog! What a good idea. But how can you find the time to do that? I don't think I could ever manage to blog, Flickr and garden at the same time. Hats off to you, friend!

  2. Before pictures are the best. It's great to be able to see how incredible your yard looks after all of your hard work. I just saw the picture of your kitty too - he's a cutie! Even our cats are similar. LOL


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