Saving Perennials from the Contractors

Saturday, April 24, 2010 - My great friend, Brenda, and I went to see what perennials we could save from the renovations going on at her new home. She and her husband are having an addition put on their home and some of the existing gardens may be trampled or worse.

We located a bed that a former owner had, at one time lovingly cared for, but that had become neglected and badly overgrown with weeds, during a rentors tenure. We found many old iris rhizomes, many of which were growing into each other for lack of space, with the roots of periwinkle vines tangling through and wrapping themselves around. We were able to save young rhizomes and good sections of the periwinkle. We also found some wonderful lungwort and muscari growing. We moved some of the plants to a safe place in her grass and others to my garden, where I will tend to it until Brenda is ready for it. Great mounds of large yellow daffodils were transplated, in their clumps, were also transplated.

The best part is I get to keep some for my own garden. (Thanks Brenda!)

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