Planting Shrubs in Front Beds

April 25, 2010 - We added some shrubs to the beds at the front of our home today. These beds were the same as the side one I showed yesterday - tall cedars in river stone mulch. We kept the two low spruce bushes in the bed under the large window (that you see in the photo on the right) and three new shrubs. One is a special hydrangia, which will bloom pink, no matter what the soil conditions. It's called 'Invincibelle' (I love that name) and is a special Breast Cancer Awareness plant. We also planted a silverleaf dogwood called 'Elegantissima' and a holmstrup 'Pyramid Cedar' in the corner. I'm hoping there will be room for a dwarf burning bush behind the hydrangia. The nursery hasn't received their burning bushes yet.

The photo on the left shows the garden under our two smaller windows and in there we planted an additional homstrup cedar. We are also waiting for a mock orange bush to put at the far end of this bed. In between the cedar and where the mock orange will go, are hostas, bleeding hearts and monkshood, all just starting to come up.

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