2008 - First Summer: Getting Started

Removing the river stone and a couple of the cedars.

Planted up with some hostas.

Wonderful gift of perennials given to me by my wonderful friend, Rita.

Expanding the garden, with Rita's gifts and a trunkload of perennials from good friends, the Bells (no photo of them before planting).

Back perennial border finished for 2008.

Border built around the outside of the pool.

Little back-step garden, after the deck was rebuilt. Many of the perennials left by the former owners were returned to this bed. Others moved to better places elsewhere on the property.

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  1. Looks great! So cool that your friends gave you so many perennials. I have a few in my yard (siberian iris & circle flower)that were given to me by my hubby's aunt, so they mean so much more to me. Especially the iris because his aunt got them from his mom, who I never got the chance to meet.


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