More Gifts from Rita!

Friday, April 23, 2010 - I went to visit my good friend, Rita, today with the purpose of giving her a hand in her garden. (And going to Tim Horton's for our usual tea and treat.) She advised me that the only help she required today was for me to help her thin out the spring crocuses and scilla, which were starting to invade her pathways. Oh, and put them into pots and load them into my car!

Rita is the most wonderful friend, always willing to share her beautiful perennial flowers, wisdom and experience. She's a true 'kindred spirit' as Anne Shirley would say.


  1. How fortunate you were to end up with some lovely spring bulbs. Those ones in the photo are some of my favourite early spring flowers.

  2. I would love a friend like Rita - she's a keeper! :)


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