Starting the Side Bed

April 24, 2010
This area is a new bed for me. When we bought our home, this area was filled with river stone (as mulch) and there were five very tall cedar trees growing in it. They were nice, but were unruly!

The retaining wall that held it all in was in need of rebuilding, so when we had that done, the landscapers took out the cedars and stone and replaced it with lovely garden soil for me.

My big project for this summer is to make a lovely perennial border in here. This is the start of it.

The spring bulbs I planted in the fall are starting to come up. On Saturday, I planted the first of the perennials....'King Arthur' delphiniums, pink Oriental poppies, globe thistles, a peony, and purple irises (from my husband's parent's garden).

More to come in the following weeks!

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  1. What fun to see things poking out of dirt! How is this bed coming along? I am hoping to get lots of bulbs in my new front yard bed this fall.


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