Winter in the Cottage Garden

March 5, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I've had a pretty busy winter, getting my Mom settled in new surroundings (a lovely retirement home setting, attached to the nursing home where my father is). I have time now, to get back to reading my favourite garden blogs.  

Life is an ever changing thing sometimes, like a garden!    We're buried in snow here in my part of Ontario and I thought I'd post some pictures for you to see. As you can tell, my spring bulbs are still a little ways away from being able to start sprouting up!

our front yard and driveway
the front of our house with the red-twig dogwood
sticking out of the snow
the side border, with squirrel tracks
our back yard and decked, buried in snow


  1. It looks beautiful, but I know you are anxious for spring, just as I am!
    Hugs, Beth

  2. You really are buried on snow!

  3. When it snows it certainly snows in your part of the world - no garden planning for you just yet then!( Nice to see you blogging again).

  4. Wow you do have some snow! Your pictures look so different with snow, rather than all of your beautiful pictures that you posted last summer! I a sure your bulbs are down under there somewhere just waiting for warmer weather! Hope your spring comes soon!

  5. Hi Diane,
    I'm glad your mom and dad are near each other.

    I haven't seen The Bodyguard for a long time, but seeing your place in the snow reminded me of it. The snow is beautiful, but I hope the time waiting for it to melt goes by quickly for you.

  6. Canadian winter - it looks beautiful. How nice you have a place for your Mum next to your Father's nursing home. How grateful they both will be.

  7. Diane - Those are beautiful pictures! I love seeing the snow draped on the tall trees. Looks so peaceful. We had such a mild winter and very little snow this year in northern Illinois that I actually missed it. Bet the bugs are going to be bad. It is supposed to be in the 50's this weekend so I'm hoping to start cleaning our porch today. Thanks for stopping by. My computer is acting up so I'm not on the computer much. Hope your parents are faring well. You are lucky to still have them both. That is a treasure!

  8. Gosh you did get a lot of snow. Spring is nearly here. Just found your blog today thank you for letting me visit. Please feel free to visit me in the orchard.

  9. Wow, you DO have a lot of snow, Diane!
    I know I was getting worried about you, but I certainly understand life taking precedence over blogging.
    Isn't it a weight off your mind to have your parents taken care of? When we got Grama in the nice one in the next town, I was almost jealous of how great she's got it, now!!
    I am glad to see you blogging, again!

  10. Diane, When I saw a post from you waiting in my Google Reader, I thought it was a sure sign of spring -- but I was wrong. I hope you don't mind that I find it reassuring that someone seems to be having something that looks like a normal winter. Temperatures in Maine this week are predicted to be 20-30 degrees above normal, which is pleasant but also weird.
    I'm glad to hear that you have your mother settled; I know what a big responsibility that can be.
    Hope to see some spring flowers from you in the not-too-distant future. -Jean

  11. Greetings Diane! I hope all of the snow has long-gone and you are enjoying some of the spring action!


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