About My Blog

This blog is a kind of photo-journal of the happenings in my gardens.  My hope is that anyone who comes across it will find pleasure in looking at the photographs.  

I really love perennial flowers and especially the old-fashioned kind.  My gardens are full of the kinds of flowers that would have grown in my grandmother's gardens....big clumps of shasta daisies, irises, phlox, daylilies, coneflowers, and delphiniums. 

My borders are works in progress.  They'll keep changing.  I'll keep adding things and moving things.   Like all gardeners do.   And I'll always be taking photographs of them. 


  1. This may be a gardening blog but I expect to see Hudson in here every once in a while.

    Love the swimming pool, btw. =)


  2. Your flowers are so beautiful! Great pictures!

  3. So beautiful! I looked around your site and your photography is lovely, your gardens amazing! Nice to see what is growing across the street from piano playing sibling :) M.

  4. Thanks M!

    Next time you're visiting said sibling, come on over and have a look! (Right now there is fresh snow on the gardens, but I'm refusing to blog about THAT!)



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