See you in the Spring!

Well, it is officially winter and my garden beds are insulated in a blanket of snow.   I'm going to work on some improvements for my blog over the winter.  Any suggestions would be most welcome.I look forward to documenting my garden's progress in 2011 and will start up again as soon as I see the first sign of spring. 

I'm going to end my 2010 portion of the blog, with what I have on the front of a t-shirt!  Lots of good advice can come from reading t-shirts, right? 

                         ADVICE FROM A GARDEN                          

Cultivate lasting friendships.
Sow seeds of kindness.
Listen to sage advice.
Don't let the little things bug you.
Be outstanding in your field.
Take thyme for yourself.
No vining!

Late Summer Bloomings

It's December, and I'm just posting some photos of my August and September flowers. We have a couple of centimetres of snow on the ground now.

This is my border in August.  You can see some of the different colours of perennial phlox here.  What I love about them, is that they don't all bloom at exactly the same time - so I have a lovely array of colour from mid-July right into September. 

The 'Michaelmas Daisies' or fall asters put on a great showing in the later summer as well. I started out with just two of them in 2008 and have divided them twice already. Love them.  Couldn't resist posting this picture of Hudson posing in front of them. 

This clump of fall Monkhead (I'm not sure the exact variety, as they were a gift from Rita) bloom much later than my other ones.  They have a tougher and sturdier stalk, but otherwise look very similar.
And one of my very favourite later blooming plants is my white coneflower.