Fertilizer Friday Happenings

May 11, 2012

I'm linking up today with Glenda at Fertilizer Friday.  Check out the websites there to meet other interesting garden bloggers and see what's blooming in their gardens!

In mine today, I have (from top to bottom) lovely purple lamium, muscari, some small iris (that I liberated from a vacant lot that used to have a home on it), and some very healthy looking periwinkle (given to me by my friend, Paula). 

Below that is a shot of wonderful hosta poking up and two shots of my side bed and back bed.  As you can see everything is starting to come along. 

Happy Fertilizer Friday, everybody!

What's Blooming in Early May

May 5, 2012

The nights are still cool here in Zone 4, but the days are getting nice and warm.  The perennials are sprouting up quite quickly now.   Every day it is such a joy to make my 'rounds' and see what else is happening.  This is a lovely time of year!

These lovely hyacinths are making their premiere appearance in my garden.  The scent of them is just lovely and I'm making a mental note to buy more to plant this fall.

Arabis rock cress
I really like the way this little rockery plant is spreading out and around our garden light.  As soon as the snow melted, there is was, as if it had stayed green all winter (which I think it did). 

Chionodoxa Glory of the Snow
in front of
Muscari Grape Hyacinth

Two of my favourite little bulbs, growing very happily (and coincidentally) together.  All part of the fun of gardening, seeing what looks nice together. 

Puschkinia Striped Squill
in front of
yellow Daffodils
What's going on in your gardens?  Happy Gardening!