April 21, 2012

What can I say? We got 15 cms of snow yesterday! These are my feet (nice, Walmart knock-offs, eh?) while I was looking around to see what was happening this morning.

These little guys are actually the chinodoxia that I showed you in my last post. They are little survivors though, not to worry.

And here is my back perennial border.  I actually kind of like this shot, because you can get a good look at what the shape of the actually bed it.  You can't really see it well when flowers fill it all in!


April 9, 2012

...and it's about time I got my blog going again for the season!

Winter went by relatively quickly this year and we had a really early melt. All that snow I showed you in the last post, melted after a couple of weeks with some summer-like temperatures in March.

Right now I'm at the point in my garden where I love to walk about and see what's coming up. I really need to 'keep my hands in my pocket' as to not disturb things. It's tempting for me to go in and clear away debris and cut down dead stalks, but I really need to wait a week or two, until everything is up enough to remind me where not to tramp.

The crocuses that were so demolished by chipmunks (or squirrels or rabbits) spring, seem to be doing quite well. The ones that were left have happily come up and nothing seems to be bothering them.

pretty crocuses coming up amongst
the iris stalks

darker crocuses (that I don't
remember from last year)
Did a chipmunk move them?

Puschkinia striped squill