What's Blooming in Early May

May 5, 2012

The nights are still cool here in Zone 4, but the days are getting nice and warm.  The perennials are sprouting up quite quickly now.   Every day it is such a joy to make my 'rounds' and see what else is happening.  This is a lovely time of year!

These lovely hyacinths are making their premiere appearance in my garden.  The scent of them is just lovely and I'm making a mental note to buy more to plant this fall.

Arabis rock cress
I really like the way this little rockery plant is spreading out and around our garden light.  As soon as the snow melted, there is was, as if it had stayed green all winter (which I think it did). 

Chionodoxa Glory of the Snow
in front of
Muscari Grape Hyacinth

Two of my favourite little bulbs, growing very happily (and coincidentally) together.  All part of the fun of gardening, seeing what looks nice together. 

Puschkinia Striped Squill
in front of
yellow Daffodils
What's going on in your gardens?  Happy Gardening!


  1. Your hyacinths and squill are lovely! Spring is such a time of wonder and joy!

  2. It seems strange seeing those plants only just blooming in your garden when all ours are over now - we are now waiting for the next batch of flowers like foxgloves and aquilegia. All the fruit blossom is out at the moment. We have had really cold and rainy weather so everything seems on hold. Your garden is looking good.

  3. Very pretty blooms. Unusual Hyacinths. Like them but I guess I am use to the original and did not know they had some so different. Very pretty.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. My hyacinths are JUST starting to peek out of the ground. It's fun to see what's in bloom for you. Very pretty! Thinking I need to plant more bulbs this fall.

    Billie Jo

  5. Hi Diane, Arabis is such a pretty little groundcover in spring, isn't it? I only have a couple of patches of it and wish that I had more. I used to have double arabis which sometimes has the common name "popcorn', because it looks just like...you guessed it, freshly popped popcorn! It really pretty, so keep your eye out for it on spring nursery visits.

  6. Your garden has done well with our odd hot then cold spring days! Our poor magnolia never recovered. Love the splashes of colour spring brings

  7. Hi Diane, I'm so glad you've joined the party called spring. I'm sorry some of us have started without you. In fact, my early spring flowers have been finished blooming awhile, and we are almost ready for the coneflowers to bloom.

    I am officially behind in my gardening. Thanks for wishing me well. I am just getting my stamina back. Whew!

  8. Looks terrific! Similar stage to my zone 4 garden. Is yours earlier than most years too? Really cute rockery plant, will try and look for some. :)

  9. Looking good! I love the scent of hyacinth. While they are not quite hardy here I am thinking of trying a few in a sheltered spot to see what happens.

    Enjoy these exciting days! :)

  10. Hey Diane! Looks great. I am so behind (aka lazy), I haven't posted anything on my blog but I plan on starting soon. I actually took a few pics around the yard last night. Now I actually have to do something with them. So glad winter is over :)

  11. Hi Diane - thanks for letting me know about the scam - the message is definitely not from me - unfortunately I am not getting any emails through at the moment (probably something to do with it).


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