Neglected Blog and Relearning to Blog Again!

March 3, 2014

Boy, I have been away from this too long, as I can't even remember how to add photos.  Well I have uploaded photos to the blog, but can't seem to get them into the post.   And I can't believe the nasty spam in the comments sections. 

I will keep trying though. 

I guess Cottage Garden took a little bit longer of a break that I had intended.   I retired from my job, after thirty years, in October and am really looking forward to spring and having lots of time to work in my garden.

Hope to be posting some photos soon.   (Photos of snow, for now). 

Happy Gardening (or for the Canadians, happy seed-catalogue viewing.)



  1. Hi Diane, Good luck! Enjoy your retirement, Diane!

  2. Enjoy your retirement Diane,it's amazing how we tend to forget how to do things on the computer when we take a little break! Happens me anyway,so hoping to be more regular too! While we have had no snow here in Cork it seems like a long winter with plenty of grey skies and rain,can't wait for sun and blue skies soon hopefully!

  3. Nice to see you Diane. I've been keeping my posts down to one each month and it's not as much to worry about. Haven't worried about it as much this winter as I've been so busy with home projects but look forward to your posts again. Congrats on your retirement.
    Cher Sunray Gardens


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Happy Gardening!