New Beginnings

May 9, 2015

A new gardening season has begun and everything gardeners have dreamed and schemed about during the long winter months is starting to happen.

Here in my zone four garden, things have gotten off to a bit of a late start.   The cooler weather just seemed to want to hang on a little longer.   I usually have crocuses blooming on my Dad's birthday, in mid-April, and this year there was just the slightest bit of yellow poking through the bud.

first hint of spring - the 'Golden Yellow' crocus

It's going to be an exciting year in my garden.   It is going to be featured in my local horticultural society's fundraiser - an open garden weekend.  I'm very excited about it.   The weekend is in mid-July, which is traditionally one of the 'greenest' times for my garden.  This year I have plans to use a lot more annuals than I usually do.   I actually don't really plant much of anything in the way of annuals, except a few in hanging baskets and containers.

This year I have started some dahlias, which I intend to put in pots, and spread the pots throughout the back border, to add colour where it's needed.   I've also planted double annual poppy seeds throughout the long side border.

I'm really hoping that the delphiniums will be in full glory during the open garden weekend.   I very carefully kept a little blood meal around the tender shoots, warding off the rabbits, and am hoping now that they 'danger' period of them becoming breakfast is over.   (The rabbits now seem content to eat the clover in the grass.)

I also have a few projects in mind, to add some whimsical features to the beds.   I'll add a post about that in the coming weeks.

Until then, here's what has been going on so far:

Crocus 'Golden Yellow'
(a few weeks later) 

|Crocus 'Pickwick' 

Chionodoxa (Glory of the Snow) 


  1. Your reappearance in the blogosphere is a sure sign of spring! Congratulations on being chosen for the garden tour! I'm happy to see your cheerful yellow crocuses, because for some reason mine didn't bloom this year. After a cold winter and cool April, we've been having an exceptionally warm May and plants have gone into overdrive. I may not have gotten crocus blooms, but I now have bleeding hearts. I do love May (and June and July :-)). -Jean

  2. The 'Golden Yellow' Crocus are just gorgeous! Glad to have discovered your blog.

  3. SO glad to see you back friend! And how amazing that you will be part of the garden walk!!!! I look forward to journeying along with you this season! Loving your crocuses!!! Happy week to you!! Nicole xo

  4. Hello and welcome back - it's been ages! Oh I hope everything goes to plan for your garden and the open weekend. It seems strange seeing crocus again I didn't realise your spring came so late.

  5. That's exciting news! Congratulations on being a featured open garden!
    It has been a long winter hasn't it? The garden seems however to be doing a rapid catch-up. What we need now is more rain. Here in the GTA we seem to have drought-like conditions.
    Your crocus are lovely Diane. I look forward to seeing some of those upcoming projects.

  6. Hello Diane - I found you via Elaine's reading list on her blog. You have a beautiful garden, full of colour (I love all those Phlox). It seems your seasons are 3 or 4 months behind ours, as my Crocus were out in January . . . and yet you've quickly caught up with all those blooms now. I'm sure your garden will look gorgeous when those visitors come looking round - I wish you good weather for that day. I have added you to MY reading list now and look forward to seeing your garden posts.


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