A bit more whimsy...

June 13, 2015

So, I think I have added all the whimsy that I am going to, at least for now.

This tree is actually not alive anymore.  It was a fine old black spruce that passed away of old age a few years ago.  We took the upper part of the tree down, but left enough to use as a clothesline.  We haven't actually added the clothesline yet, but it makes a great place to display a little group of fake birdhouses.    Some of of the birdhouses were found at the dollar store and others at second-hand shops and repainted.  One used to be a little clock (the one at the top), others key holders, and some were just decorative.

This is a wicker trunk that I found at a garage sale in May.   I found the idea for making it into a planter on Pinterest.   The plants inside the trunk are propped up on items to make them all about even at the top.  I have some shade annuals like vinca vine and coleus in there, plus some hostas.

I really like the way it turned out and it's under the trees in the front yard, facing the house, so I can see it when I look out the window.

I added two baskets to the bike.   I was all thumbs trying to attach them to the bike, but my husband did a very good job of it.  He just used wire and secured them to the places that you would actually attach real baskets.

The baskets have German ivy and begonias.

I got this little toddler-sized chair, and other other like it, at another garage sale.   I thought it might make a nice little item to put planters on and move to where I need the colour in the perennial bed.  I like that the chairs are worn and the paint is peeling off, but I don't like the colour very much and I don't have a lot of red in my garden.

If I painted these chairs, what colour do you think I should paint them?


  1. I love the bird houses!!!! That is such a fantastic idea!!! I wonder if any birds will try and nest in them! The other things all look really good too, I like the baskets on the bike especially! xx

  2. There are so many possibilities with a dead tree trunk and I like your idea of adding whimsical bird houses. The wicker basket looks nice as do the baskets added to the bicycle. It's fun to repurpose things for the garden.

  3. Oh my what a fun garden you have! Love the bike and wicker basket. Your chair I am thinking bright blue would be fun.

  4. Great whimsical touches Diane. My favourite is the bike. I'd paint the chairs a country shade of vivid turquoise. I think it would sit well with the green and the pink flowers.

  5. I love what you have done with the tree Diane! It is so fantastic!!! You have done such a great job adding awesome focal points to your space! Wishing you more wonderful days in the garden! Nicole xo


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