June 10, 2015

I really want one of those gardens that have lovely little whimsical features.   And I have never had much luck with it.    I'm trying to go for the 'charming' look, but have never been good at the idea part.

My niece introduced me to the website Pinterest, and there I have found many wonderful ideas.   Here's what I have so far.   Some are still works in progress.

awesome old and rusty red bike

baskets to put on the bike, once I figure out how to attach them

my Grandma's old laundry hamper, with a plant in it, hiding an ugly gas line
a gargoyle I could not resist, whom I have named Murphy
butterfly and dragonfly, made from rusty old stuff, purchased at the garden festival
new baskets, planted with annuals, to place in the green spots in the perennial beds,
or leave here on this bench
little birdhouse from the hardware store, that I
also could not resist
and last, my favourite thing, this great old ladder, to be embellished
in one of two ways, not decided between yet
Stay tuned.    ;)


  1. You are indeed creating whimsy. I like the look of a bike with a flower basket attached. I'm curious about the ladder, too. :)

  2. I love garden art and have accumulated many photos as it can create a theme or merely surprise one with whimsy in the least expected places.
    Lots of ideas on Pinterest for sure and you're on a roll Diane with your creations shown here.

  3. You will find that you love Pinterest and can spend many happy hours browsing for all kinds of great ideas! I hope that you love it. You have some great ones already!!! xx

  4. Pinterest is certainly a great place to find inspiration (and lose a few hours). I like all your whimsical touches and look forward to seeing how you use the ladder.

  5. I know exactly what you mean with the creating the whimsy part. Some people seem to have a real knack for it! I do love what you have collected so far. That red bike is going to look great with the basket of flowers, and I love all those potted flowers sitting on your bench just as you have them now! I've been playing with a few things this way too, but haven't got any big items (yet!).

  6. I can go for a certain amount of whimsy, a like your birdhouse and the bicycle. The Geranium looks like it is standing at a lectern and holding a press conference.

  7. I am working on adding a bit myself....though I think that my whimsy will take a some time to evolve as I can not choose what to add!! That ladder is going to be awesome in that bed! And I really love all the plants you have potted up in those baskets!! A job well done my friend! And happy gardening! Nicole xo


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