Bulb Stealer

April 21, 2011

So, it's a little bit hard to stay mad at these cute little guys. They carry off the little spring bulbs (but you never know, they may just plant them somewhere else).....

We got about 15 cms of snow yesterday (yesterday's blog entry photo was just the beginning of it), but it's all melting now. I can already see some new things popping up in the garden.

Happy Gardening!


  1. You are kinder then me as I would be running him off, but have to admit I watched one a couple days ago fighting with a string I have at the bottom of the yard that holds a Sambucus erect until stronger. He was flipping all around and acting silly like a cat would. Have been watching a Robin trying to steal the string for days for it's nest. :)
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. What a cute little guy! I hope your snow is gone for good. Once it warms up, I'm sure there will be no looking back! I love your brick border....I've been tempted to do that in my garden. Is it hard to keep tidy?

  3. Dear Diane, My chipmunks love to rearrange the bulbs I plant. But they are so cute - I can't stay mad at them either. P x


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