Welcome Spring 2011!

April 2, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my 2011 Garden Blog.   I've been excited to start posting again.  A few people asked me why I didn't continue blogging over the winter, but my garden is literally under a thick blanket of snow during those months. 

We've had nice weather during the last couple of weeks (getting up to plus five or so celcius during the day but going below freezing during the night.)  We still have a fair bit of snow, especially in the shadier areas. 

The photo to the right is of the very first growth in my garden!    They are a couple of crocuses coming up and I bet it won't be too long until they are blooming.  I have planted snowdrops in the past, but they never come up, so the crocuses are always my first blooms.   This garden is the little bed we have around the pool.  It faces south and has the white side of the pool behind it - so definitely the place to plant things that bloom early.

This photo is what's left of the purple coneflowers!  (The same purple coneflowers shown in my last post of 2010.)  I used to cut them 'down to ground level' in the fall, until I read on someone's blog that you should leave the seedheads for the birds. 

I'm not sure who that blogger was, but it was great advice.    Behind the empty pod are the sedum 'Autumn Joy' which I just leave because they are pretty.


  1. Hi Diane, just found your blog ~ I can imagine the sight of your first crocuses bring you great cheer! Welcome Spring :) Cheers, Jenni

  2. After a long winter covered in snow I'm sure you are very happy to see signs of spring. Hope that Crocus blooms soon.

  3. Diane, I garden in zone 5 and found my first crocus blooming yesterday. It was covered over by leaves and we were raking out beds. Its amazing how much joy a single bloom can bring and your first bloom is on the way. By the way Hudson is adorable, happy gardening

  4. Hi Diane, Welcome back to blogging. Spring is late this year. I am hoping for some milder weather soon.

  5. Hi Diane, the weather has been on the cool side here in zone 5/6 Toronto. I don't have much luck with crocus and other small bulbs as the squirrels attack them year after year, argh! Warmer days aren't too far away...Paul

  6. Hi Diane. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm in zone 5/6. Technically 6 now, but bordering 5, so I only buy plants for zone 5.

    I like your blog and started following you today. Best to you.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  7. Welcome back, Diane! Spring is indeed coming. -Jean

  8. Welcome to spring, indeed! Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. It looks like your garden's progress this spring is about the same as ours--slow. It's been cold here, but it will improve one of these days. Or so I tell myself.


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