Every Garden Needs a Tabbycat!

This is Hudson. We adopted him from the SPCA in 2008 and was a few years old at the time. We made up a birthday for him and we say he's five!

He's nine pounds of adorable. He's super affectionate and cuddly - a real 'people cat'. AND pretty darn photogenic, if I do say so.

As you can see, he's a brown tabby, with white paws. He's named after the explorer, Henry Hudson and the Hudson Hornet from the movie 'Cars.'

He loves to be outside with me. Since I don't want him to get hit by a car or caught by a fox, I taught him to be okay with being on a harness and tie-out and he is 'supervised' when we go out. I'm outside a lot in the summer, so it works out really well. 

Hudson's favourite activities, while out in the garden, include watching chipmunks, eating moths only to throw them up, and getting me to pick him up for cuddles.


  1. Wonderful post! It sounds like Hudson is the perfect gardening companion!

  2. A very handsome cat! I have 2 tabbies & a calico in my garden. They head for the concrete bench for petting.

  3. He's very handsome! I have two cats that only go out if they are supervised too.

  4. Love your cat. I have a thing about the gray tabbies. They have so much personality and all of it adorable. Love the photos.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  5. Incredible! What a lovely chap he is. The image of him stalking in the grass is utterly splendid!


  6. Hudson is a very handsome cat -- and that neckerchief is a particularly stylish accessory. :-) -Jean

  7. Wow i love those shots of Hudson!!!


  8. Great photos! That top one is perfect. I laughed at your comment advice. I had to learn some patience sending comments. I've lost more than one comment to oblivion.

  9. Diane, Hudson is adorable! Love your blog header and I look forward to watching your garden progress this year.
    Hugs, Beth

  10. What a LOOKER Hudson is! Such a handsome guy.

    It's great that you've found a way to let him be outside safely - bravo!

    Clearly, he enjoys being able to lie in the grass, chase things, smell the outdoor air, and be part of what you're doing - how cool that he can get his "outdoors fix!"

  11. Hudson is very handsome! We don't have a cat because my husband is allergic to them. My daughter is, too, but she has a cat anyway.

    I kept forgetting to say I love your header photo. You sure have a beautiful garden!

  12. Diane -

    Saw your comment on Sissy's blog so I stopped on over and was immediately drawn to Hudson. I'm a huge cat lover and especially for the lonely and forlorn that somehow finds their way to my front doorstop. All they want is to be loved and I'm surprised how each one has their own unique personality. Thanks for giving Hudson a wonderful and loving home. He is absolutely photogenic! Looking forward to when you are back on line. Photos of your flowers are gorgeous.
    Connie LOU

  13. Awww!!!!! What at lovely cat! You can tell he LOVES being outdoors hearing the sounds of nature. My ragdoll cat also goes outside on a 20ft leash and harness. Once he chased a chipmunk in the shrubs and came out with the little guy in his mouth. I managed to save the chipmunk. No harm done... Love your garden. I will be checking in regularly.


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